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Hello and Welcome!

Hello guys and dolls, welcome to the first blog entry from us here at Rockamilly Boutique. Firstly a little about us.

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We started out in May 2015, when our faithful leader and boss lady Kirsty, opened in Rochford Essex. The first of its kind in a small market town, Rockamilly took no time at all to make a name for itself. With customers coming from far and wide to visit this little bit of retro sunshine we were soon joined by Stacie and then Alice with the hope of expanding the team.

In the last 18 months Kirsty has built a fantastic brand, reputation and work force. Not only are we an official stockist for Irregular Choice (those in the know will be more than familiar with the cult following, neigh, religious movement that is IC. We didn’t know just what we were diving into when someone suggested we start stocking Irregular Choice but needless to say we haven’t looked back and can proudly boast that currently we stock 63 different styles of IC shoes, along with their sister brand Poetic License. shoe display 2017

However, shoes isn’t all we do. You know when sometimes you think “I just want someone to look at me and say, try wearing this, this way and team with with this colour” and then you look utterly fabulous.

We can do that.

Our Stacie has an eye for body shapes, comfort zones (mainly pushing you out of them) and colour schemes. If you’ve ever visited our store you may have heard “I’ll pass you over to Stacie. She’s really good at this”. We offer a personal shopping experience and you can find out more about this by contacting us at or messaging our facebook page on

We have an extensive range of dresses, trousers, skirts, tops etc…its very unlikely you wont find something you absolutely LOVE!! We stock sizes 8-22 in most designs. Sometimes we hear our customers say “Oh i’ll never fit into any of these lovely dresses” There really is nothing like seeing a customer happy because they’ve found something that brings out their inner goddess. Especially when they didn’t think they’d find it.

Its coming up to two years since Rockamilly opened her doors to the public and we’re all very excited at the prospect of a happy and prosperous future.

Signing off for now. Kisses


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